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Meet Marc

MarcSorelMarc Sorel  coined the phrases: "Zero Wasted Ad Dollars" and "Rising Above the Noise". These phrases represent his strategic marketing approach that is driven by honesty and transparency. Each client receives a no-nonsense, targeted experience focused around their business' goals.

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NAM Provides. . .

  • An exclusive college advertising network of over 4,000 campuses
  • A powerful network of student ambassadors (100,000 strong), plus 300 professional agents
  • Spot checks, monitoring, and photographic documentation to ensure exposure

NAM Youth Marketing offers dynamic on-campus, social, and digital marketing solutions, including:

• College Sampling • Multicultural Marketing • College Postering
• P2P Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Digital Marketing
• Café Marketing • Graduation Marketing • Target Marketing
• Dorm Advertising • Spring Break Marketing • Orientation Marketing
• Event Marketing • Experiential Marketing • And more. . .


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